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about us

The Design Advantage

We excel in creating bespoke kitchens, blending high-quality materials with innovative design. We believe a kitchen is not just functional but a reflection of the homeowner's personality, a place where culinary dreams and family traditions thrive. Our selection of premium materials, from sustainably sourced woods to advanced composites, ensures durability and beauty that ages gracefully with your home. Our designs are at the forefront of innovation, tailored to enhance comfort and efficiency while reflecting your unique style. With a focus on personalized service, our team works closely with you to transform your vision into reality, crafting spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also deeply personal and functional. Designing kitchens isn't just our business; it's our passion, aimed at enriching your home living experience.

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Meet the Creative Minds

Discover the Faces Behind the Magic. Our Passionate Team of Design Experts and Interior Designers is Ready to Bring Your Vision to Life. Get to Know the Faces Driving Innovation and Excellence in Every Detail.

Branka S
Lead Designer
Giselle U
Lead Designer
Iryna J
Lead Designer
Chaya U
Interior Designer
Justin B
Regional Sales Manager

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Situated in the heart of Manhattan, our showroom features a premier selection of meticulously crafted kitchen cabinets, highlighting the pinnacle of European design and quality. Our robust porcelain slabs and elegant stone materials are all curated to complement the sophistication and functionality of any kitchen, bathroom, and living space design. Come visit our exclusive collection, where the artistry of materials and design converge to transform and elevate any space.

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