how it works

how it works

how it works


Uncover Cucine Design Co.'s Unique Approach: Navigate the seamless four-step journey - from initial planning, through personalized design and meticulous materials selection, to the final production - that transforms your spaces into European-styled masterpieces.

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Start your transformation journey with an enlightening planning session with your personal Cucine Design co Consultant. Their expertise will aid in detailing your vision, understanding project scope, and devising a practical budget. Conducted in the soothing ambiance of your own home, this session carries no cost or commitment, putting your comfort and convenience first.

Build your dream space


Following your initial session, our talented Design team will bring your vision to life, creating meticulously crafted kitchen, bath, and closet designs that merge functionality with aesthetics. Each design element is tailored to your preferences and lifestyle, ensuring that your home becomes a harmonious extension of you.

Pick your materials


Once the design is ready, it's time to bring texture and color to your dreams. Our Materials Specialist will guide you through a curated selection of high-quality fixtures, finishes, and materials, aligning with your style and within your budget. With Cucine Design co, every detail matters, ensuring your final design is as unique as you are.

Let's build!


The final stage is where dreams meet reality. Thanks to our sister company AtoZ Renovations, we turn your design into a renovated reality. Our seasoned craftsmen skillfully execute your designs with acute precision and an unwavering commitment to quality. With an eye on every detail, we ensure your kitchen, bath, and closet transform into spaces that are not only beautiful but stand the test of time.

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