One key element that stands out in a kitchen is the cabinets. The style of the cabinets can significantly change the room's aesthetics. Among the numerous kinds of cabinets available, European and traditional cabinets are the most used ones all around the world.

Each style sets the tone for the kitchen and has specific characteristics, pros, and cons. Let's delve into more details about the two popular cabinet trends

European Cabinets

When it comes to European kitchen cabinets, they seem to adopt the approach of "less is more." European cabinets are used worldwide and are known for their sleek, simple designs and maximum storage space.


  • Frame-less: European Cabinets are frame-less, meaning the hinges are typically screwed right onto the box instead of a frame.
  • Techniques: Many thoughts and efforts are put into designing the structure of European cabinets, which use high-quality and advanced materials.


  • Design: If your aesthetic has a contemporary and modern touch, European kitchen designs are best suited for you due to their sleek, elegant, and minimalist look.
  • Streamline Look: European cabinets tend to give the kitchen a uniform and appealing appearance.


  • Space efficiency: The kitchen cabinets automatically have more storage due to the frame-less build, allowing you to organize your kitchen better.
  • Cabinet Accessibility and Adjustability: Due to modernization, European cabinets sometimes have adjustable drawers and extra attachments.

Traditional Cabinets

Traditional Cabinets bring a mix of regal and rustic vibe to the kitchen. Raised panels, sculpted details, and arched designs define them and make them feel like home.


  • Face-Frame: In the traditional American-style cabinets, you'll notice a frame attached to the front of the box. Mainly made out of wood, the frame allows for easier attachment of kitchen hardware.
  • Material used: The common materials used to manufacture kitchen cabinets include various species of wood and plywood, which provide sturdy construction.


  • Design: Traditional kitchen cabinets thrive in houses that follow the classical and timeless theme.
  • Color Scheme: Conventional cabinets usually have dark shades due to the wood tones like mahogany or cherry.


  • Durability: The material and the added frame of the classical kitchen cabinets make up its robustness. They retain their strength and condition even for years.

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Main Differences Between Traditional and European Cabinets

European Kitchen and traditional cabinets have their own charm regarding their looks, style, sturdiness, and more. However, where there are advantages, there are also some disadvantages. Let's look into the pros and cons of both types of cabinet.



  • Contemporary kitchen design is perfect for the modern world, making it the top choice for people who prefer minimalism.
  • The European kitchen cabinets' high storage capacity is one of its most attractive elements.
  • European style allows for better cabinet functionality due to the advanced hardware.
  • European cabinets are incredibly versatile, offering a myriad of colors and finishes that you can choose from.


  • Intricate carvings, corbels, and molding are the standout features of a traditional kitchen cabinet that give it a sophisticated look.
  • The cabinet installation is comparatively more effortless due to the presence of a base frame.
  • It is more affordable, especially if one opts for plywood or other less expensive materials.



  • European cabinets tend to be pricier than traditional kitchen cabinets due to their higher-quality materials and construction.
  • Since the central theme of European kitchen cabinets is modesty, customization options are a bit limited.
  • If the European cabinets have a high-gloss finish, they are more likely to get smudges; hence, they will require more frequent maintenance.


  • Due to their heavy appearance, traditional cabinets are not suitable for houses with a modern interior design or smaller kitchens.
  • Due to the addition of the face frame, the storage capacity of the cabinets decreases.
  • The decor can undergo wear and tear, and the reconstruction process can be complicated due to specific wood usage and detailing. 

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